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Are you looking for safe, vibrant, and exciting colored powder for your next color festival, color run, color party, or fun-filled color event? USA Color Supply has the best colors available to make your event awesome!

USA Color Supply is 100% safe and non-toxic, and is manufactured by advanced technology right here in the USA. Through a time consuming
process of trial and error, we have developed an advanced recipe of powder that is higher quality, safer, and more vibrant than colors produced anywhere else.

Our top-secret process is highly complicated and took months and months to produce, and we are happy to share the end result with you! Color manufacturing outside of the United States can be quite scary and even hazardous. Many of the color powders that others produce contain toxic metals and chemicals which are not safe. Our colored powder is the best available.

Our unique and proprietary blend of colors was literally developed over hundreds of hours in laboratories and testing facilities. We have taken every step possible to make our color powder safe, vibrant, and super-fine. Our colored powder, made from corn-starch, is used by hundreds of events across the country. If you are looking for colored corn starch, painted powder, colored chalk, or neon color fun, you've come to the right place. The color we use is made from high-grade cornstarch which then goes through a custom manufacturing process to provide bright, vibrant colors that are safe and wash off easily.

USA Color Supply provides our colored powder and colored cornstarch to many events throught the United States including color festivals, color runs, color parties, and a whole lot more. In fact, our color is used by some of the largest color run event companies in the USA. Let our friendly staff help fulfill your wildest, most colorful dreams today!

Colored Powder Features

Made in the USA
High quality
Bright, vibrant colors
Custom manufactured
Designed not to stain
100% safe and non-toxic
Custom logo printed on color packs
Quick turn-around


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